jPrime 2016 recordings available (2016)

All jPrime 2016 recordings are now available.

You can find them in the Bulgarian Java User Group youtube channel.

The Bulgarian Java User Group

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jPrime 2016 slides (2016)

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Teodor Parvanov (2016)

Teodor ParvanovThe Math guy

Teodor has a mathematical and software engineering background from the french aeronautical ENSMA-ISAE university (Potiers/Toulouse). He has spent the past 6 years developing major Java EE applications mainly for the Energy Utilities companies in France and Belgium (EDF and Electrabel). Since 2014 he started working for VMware Bulgaria, where every day, he adds a new small brick to the world's cloud infrastructure. His interest in Formal methods comes from his academic background and the observation that in recent years, software quality has become rather a matter of testing than being intrinsic to the software products. He still believes this can change.

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