jPrime'2017 videos (2017)

We mess this thing everytime - the videos are always late.

After 5 months we have the 2017 edition recordings. Enjoy.

The videos are in the Bulgarian Java User Group's youtube channel.

The Bulgarian Java User Group

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jPrime 2017 slides (2017)

Here are the slides from jPrime 2017

The JCP & The Future of Java, Heather VanCura
Automata-Based Programming - General Purpose Finite State Machines, Daniela Kolarova
A Pragmatist’s Guide to Functional Geekery, Michał Płachta
Fantastic Java contracts - and where to define them?, Milen Dyankov
Non-blocking Michael-Scott queue algorithm, Alexey Fyodorov
Easily scale enterprise applications using distributed data grids, Ondrej Mihaly
Full-Text Search Explained, Philipp Krenn
The Art of Clean Code, Victor Rentea
Turbo Charge CPU Utilization in Fork/Join Using the ManagedBlocker, Heinz Kabutz
Distributed Tracing, get a grasp on your production, Nakul Mishra
JAX-RS 2.1 Reloaded!, David Delabassee
Gluing the IoT world with Java and LoRaWAN, Panche Chavkovski
Riding the Jet Streams, Christoph Engelbert
Enterprise JavaScript... What the Heck?!, Vladimir Pavlov, Nedelcho Delchev

Hacking Streams and Collectors, Jose Paumard
Picking the right AWS backend for your Java app, Julien Simon
Spring Framework 5: Themes & Trends, Juergen Hoeller
Building an Enterprise Data Fabric at Royal Bank of Scotland, Mike Fulke
Cluster your MicroProfile Application using CDI and JCache, Roberto Cortez
CI/CD of blockchain smart contracts using Java and eDuke, Frédéric Hubin
Fibers – blocking is cheap in a Parallel Universe, Stefan Minev
High Performance Managed Languages, Martin Thompson
Competitive food retail architecture with microservices, Ansgar Brauner, Sebastian Gauder
JUnit 5 - The Next Generation, Kostadin Golev
Java EE 7 meets Java 8, Roberto Cortez
Reactive Mesh, Kalin Maldzhanski
Building High Performance Applications with Spring Data and MongoDB, Kiril Stefanov

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New community partner: HUJAK (2017)

We are pleased to welcome the Croatian Java user group (HUJAK) as a community partner of jPrime.

They are organizing two great community conferences in Croatia: Javantura which is currently a one-day conference with a focus on latest trends in the Java world and its bigger brother conference called JavaCro which is at the beginning of May just a few weeks before jPrime (call-for-papers is currently opened until beginning of March).

They recently announced officially the 2017 edition of jPrime on their community web site:
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