My name is Valentin and I am a senior software developer at Vida Software. I've been in the industry for about 6 years, as a part of an outsourcing company, I had the chance to work with large and small client companies, various projects and meet different company cultures. This experience has helped me to gather different expertise and learn something new with every opportunity that comes on the horizon. My main work has been mostly around Java EE. I have been working on various projects such as ERP systems, OCPP platforms, B2B solutions and recently on an interactive games platform. One of the big companies I've worked with are Ikea and the NLS Library of Congress. Together with my colleagues we have left a big impact on the web application infrastructure of these companies, by writing up-to-date, modern and scalable applications using Java EE, now Jakarta and Quarkus. Our clients have been left satisfied with the results and continue to adopt Quarkus for and Jakarta EE for their future projects.