Hello, My name is Atanas, nice to meet you! I am a passionate software engineer with over 10 years of experience. I studied and graduated at the University of Essex. Afterwards I continued to live for 10 years in the United Kingdom, 5 of which I have worked for the BBC. During that time I have successfully led large-scale projects involving cross-domain collaboration over high performance critical applications with clients worldwide. I have also previously worked for the Financial Times (FT) and Accentrure. My capabilities and passion for technology constantly lead me on an interesting path with new and interesting discoveries. Currently I am happy and grateful to be part of Schwarz IT Bulgaria as a senior software engineer. Upon joining the company I was given a task which my colleagues have tried to solve 4 years ago, but have not succeeded due to the existing limitations and lack of information at the time. Now 4 years later things have not moved much forward in terms of limitations or lack of information, however I was able to solve the task and implement a working prototype, with intentions to implement it across all our codebases within the team. I believe we are one of the few companies in the world using OpenAPI spec in this innovative way for API validation in practice, and as more and more companies adopt this way of developing, sharing this with the world will be very useful for all teams, developers, tech leads, product owners, clients and everyone in the industry. I think once people see the benefits of it, they will gradually start adopting and implementing it in their teams, development processes and build pipelines. Coming from real world experience from my career, in my presentation I would like to tell you and show you, how to make API development great again using API contracts. We will talk about what is API First and Contract First development and why its so beneficial. And most importantly we will tie this whole thing neatly in a knot in a live Demo, where I will show you contract validation and contract testing, and the tools you need to achieve that. Other interests include: Music, Travelling, Hot Wheels and other model cars and more... Please feel free to check out some of my social networks: - https://www.linkedin.com/in/atkuzmanov/ - https://github.com/atkuzmanov - https://twitter.com/atkuzmanov - https://linktr.ee/atkuzmanov