Interview with Martin Thompson

Martin ThompsonThe Performance guy

In this edition of #jPrime2017 we have a great focus on performance, thanks to one of the world's most experienced specialist in it – the Java Champion Martin Thompson! Here is a small interview with him:

Hi Martin! Can you please introduce yourself?
In development terms I'm an old timer now. I've spent a lot of my career enabling clients to achieve things they never thought were possible and this is often comes by achieving new levels of performance from software.

What is your talk going to be about? What is the main message to the audience?
I'm going to talk about what the major issues are in performance and how our managed runtimes stack up against native compilers. Hopefully the audience will take away a deeper understand of what can be achieved with compilers and managed runtimes.

You are a performance guy; are there any major performance improvements we should expect in upcoming Java 9?
Java 9 has been very focused on the new module system - Jigsaw. There are a few improvements with the new Thread.onSpinWait(), compact Strings, and new intrinsics but not to much to report home about.

Actually does current Java fit the modern requirements for high performance computations in the branches where it is mostly used?
Current Java can achieve great things from a performance perspective and gets used in a number of high performance applications. However there is still a significant scope for improvement especially with regards to controlling memory layout and its provided networking libraries.

What about some real life hobbies?
Software development takes up the majority of my time. I like to stay as active as practically possible and have to accept that my days doing martial arts as a huge part of my life are in the past. When I can I love to get out and see live music and watch movies.

Thank you very much, Martin! See you in less then a month here in Sofia!