Join us on a journey into the realm of Web3, where the synergy of Java and blockchain technology reshapes the landscape of decentralized applications. The main aim of this topic is to debunk some myths and misconceptions of blockchain development and showcase Java usage in Web3 technologies. The lecture would give more understanding of the basics in blockchain and decentralised application architecture and how the different layers (applications, smart contracts, blockchain networks) interact with each other. The lecture will also introduce real-life examples straight from the Web3 kitchen as well as how our team ultimately implemented processing of smart contracts in a blockchain network through Java. A demonstration of how a transaction is being executed on a consensus node, as well as how the EVM processes a transaction will be also shown. This lecture is tailored for Java developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and anyone eager to harness the potential of Web3. Whether you're a Java developer or just embarking on your blockchain journey, this session promises valuable insights into blockchain technology fundamentals, smart contracts, the EVM and the integration between Java and Web3, paving the way for a new era of decentralized innovation.

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My name is Ivan and I was born in Stara Zagora in 1993. I graduated high school and decided to continue my professional path as a programmer, since I had a strong interest in mathematics at school, but wanted to use the practical side of it. I graduated Informatics in Sofia University in 2016 and started my first job as a Java developer. I really liked this technology at the beginning and since then I try to improve my knowledge there. Having clear paradigms and rules like OOP principles and design patterns, it is a convenient language to build performant and robust applications that run on all types of devices. In 2021 I started getting keen on blockchain technologies and I was pleasantly surprised that Java could be a core technology even in such projects. That's why I joined LimeChain and started exploring the possibilities of mixing Java and blockchain to build the web3 future.