Are you tired of repeatedly addressing the same code issues and therefore wasting valuable time during code reviews? Do inconsistent code styles and persistent bugs plague your codebase? Join our hands-on lab and unleash the power of Error Prone and Refaster to revolutionize your Java projects. In this session, we'll dive deep into Error Prone and Refaster, equipping you with the tools to automate code improvements, enforce coding standards, enhance code consistency, and eliminate bugs and anti-patterns. By leveraging Error Prone, you'll uncover bugs and potential issues within your codebase and receive automated suggestions for fixes. The fixes can be for any simple task, such as eradicating recurring bugs, addressing anti-patterns, and enforcing coding best practices and consistent styles. With the knowledge gained from this session, you'll be equipped to implement these automation techniques in your own codebase, saving you and your colleagues invaluable development time. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your codebase, increase efficiency, and eliminate time-consuming manual interventions. Join us in this hands-on lab and embark on a journey towards cleaner, more reliable, and consistent Java projects.

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Rick Ossendrijver: Rick Ossendrijver is a Software Engineer at Picnic, a fast-growing online supermarket. He is part of the Java Platform team, which supports over 300 engineers within the company. Rick is a committer and enthusiast of the Error Prone project. Moreover, he is passionate about improving software quality through static analysis and automation, and works on Picnic's open-source Error Prone Support project.

Stephan Schroevers: Stephan Schroevers has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a master's degree in Logic, both from the University of Amsterdam. He has a passion for software development, with a special interest in software quality, static analysis and thorough code review. Stephan has 14 years of professional experience, having first worked for the B2B company Fredhopper, and later being one of the founding engineers at the fast-growing online supermarket Picnic. He is currently the Tech Lead for Picnic's Consumer Domain, which encompasses the development teams that are responsible for the store backend, the mobile consumer apps, the public website and various supporting software.