This presentation is your passport to the shadowy realms of cybercrime, where invisible adversaries leave a trail of chaos. Through real-world case studies and analysis, we'll uncover the latest tactics employed by cybercriminals, ranging from supply chain attacks to the exploitation of emerging technologies. Stay one step ahead as we discuss the intersection of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, the rise of cryptojacking, and the ominous evolution of phishing. Arm yourself with insights to defend against the unseen forces that threaten our digital way of life.

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Jamie is a Developer Advocate for Sonatype formally IBM, based in the UK. He talks about the importance of security in software, improving developer productivity and raising awareness about energy consumption of technology. Passionate about discovering ways to help reduce developers carbon footprint, he is also a subject matter expert in containerised solutions and build technologies. He fell in love with Java at University and has gone on to talk at many conferences about using Java with microservices and related technologies. He has worked on a wide variety of projects such as modernising IBM CICS mainframe testing infrastructure, creating, and automating the creation of Docker images for IBM’s products and contributing to a DevOps pipeline offering.