Are you tired of constantly fixing the same bugs and anti-patterns in your codebase? At Picnic, we've found a solution that not only resolves bugs once and for all, but also leads to a more consistent and high-quality codebase. Enter Error Prone: a tool that automates large-scale refactorings in your Java codebase. As a compiler plugin, it is capable of automatically suggesting and applying fixes at scale. For years, Picnic has been using Error Prone to streamline our development process. In this talk, we will provide a comprehensive demonstration of Error Prone's capabilities, as well as offer practical guidance on how to set it up for your own team. Additionally, we will share our experiences and learnings, including creating and enabling our own set of custom rules. These are now open-sourced in Picnic's Error Prone Support repository. Come and learn how you can use Error Prone to streamline your development process as well!

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Rick Ossendrijver is a Software Engineer at Picnic, a fast-growing online supermarket. He is part of the Java Platform team, which supports over 300 engineers within the company. Rick is a committer and enthusiast of the Error Prone project. Moreover, he is passionate about improving software quality through static analysis and automation, and works on Picnic's open-source Error Prone Support project.