React Server Components allow you to write web user interfaces that can be rendered and optionally cached on the server. Sounds familiar? It may be time to dust off the well-proven server-side rendering technologies on the Java side now that the JavaScript world seems to to be catching up. In this session, I will go through the benefits of server-side rendering and show how easy it is to do this with existing technologies in Java. Who knows, maybe I will get my hands dirty and demo some JavaScript as well for comparison.

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Ivar Grimstad is an experienced software architect focusing on Enterprise Java. He is member of the Java Community Process and in the Expert Groups for JSR 371 (MVC 1.0), JSR 375 (Java EE Security API) and JSR 368 (JMS 2.1). He has been working with Java since the beginning and has over the years tried out everything from lightweight mobile applications to large scale enterprise applications. His experience covers all aspects of designing architectures based on a variety of technologies including standard Java EE as well as more lightweight frameworks such as Spring and a variety of open source products. Ivar is always focusing on quality and on using the right tools and technologies for the right task to optimize the software development process. Ivar is a frequent speaker at conferences, locally as well as internationally.