Developers will explore how to use Helidon to build microservices and deploy a Cloud Native application. Participants will understand how to configure the Oracle Cloud (OCI) environment (using cloud shell), composed of an autonomous database and a Kubernetes cluster, a Java backend (Helidon), and a front-end with React application. They will learn how to use the Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Registry (OCR), Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), and Helidon through the deployment of a simple Microservices application.

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I’m Juarez Junior, Senior Principal Java Developer Evangelist - Oracle. Previously, an Azure Developer Relations Lead at Microsoft, a Principal Developer Advocate - Blockchain at Oracle, and a Thought Leader and Technical Evangelist at IBM. I have 27 years of professional experience in Software Engineering and Developer Relations, mainly as a Software Architect, Software Engineer, and Developer Advocate. I focus on developing new code samples, hands-on labs (Oracle LiveLabs), workshops, demos, content (blog posts, videos) highlighting developer tooling and various Java-related and Open-Source projects, and participation in technical conferences and meetups.