Helidon is a brave, small but powerful opensource framework for writing microservices. And if you need get the maximum performance – making your apps reactive is the currently the best way to do it! In this session we will dive deeper and see how to create extremely performant reactive microservices with Helidon “SE” flavour. We will explore its Reactive APIs, asynchronous DB access, and reactive Web-Client. Since Helidon has its own powerful Reactive Engine, we will learn how to get the most requests served in async operations and Messaging. We will also compare the performance with Loom, since Helidon supports it out of the box! Welcome to the Danger Zone!

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Dmitry is a passionate Java developer. Through his 10+ years career he has gained a huge experience with different web technologies. His areas of interest include the wide range of Java-related technologies, enterprise solutions, cloud computing technologies, Eclipse plug-ins, as well as non-Java like NodeJs and NoSql. He’s big enthusiast of distributed multinational, multi location software development. At his free time he’s trying to contribute to OpenJDK and supports his own opensource project. His latest passion is Oracles Javascript runtime on JVM – Nashorn.