Reactive Java Programming: a new Asynchronous Database Access API (13:00 - 13:50 on Wednesday)

Kuassi MensahThe Database and Java Guy

The existing JDBC API leads to blocked threads, threads scheduling and contention; the advent of Java Fibers will alleviate those problems. However, for high throughput and reactive applications, the Java community needs an API for database access where user threads never block with back pressure support. This technical session presents an advance look at a possible new Java standard for accessing SQL databases. This new API is completely non-blocking and support reactive streams. It is not intended to be an extension to, or a replacement for JDBC. This session examines the API through code samples, discusses Fibers and the next steps.


Kuassi is Director of Product Management at Oracle. He covers the following product areas (i) Java connectivity to DB (Cloud, on-premises): Async Db Access (ADBA), JDBC, in-place DB processing with embedded JVM (ii) Zero downtime, multi-tenancy, and sharding for Java apps . (iii) Turning RDBMS Database tables into Hadoop and Spark datasources (iv) MicroServices integration with database (v) Reactive programming with DB He holds an MS CS from the Programming Institute of University of Paris Frequent speaker: JavaOne, JUG Meetups, Scale by the Bay, JavaZone, Oracle Open World, Data Summit, Node Summit, Oracle User groups Author: @kmensah,,