Extending Business systems with Kubernetes, Istio and Java (15:20 - 16:10 on Tuesday)

Krasimir SemerdzhievSoftware Extensibility Expert

In this talk, we’ll look into one example of how to make simple things simple again. We’ll present a side-by-side extension environment based on Kubernetes from the ground up, allowing developers to customize the functionality of enterprise systems, using business events and HTTP triggers. It makes use of Istio Service Mesh, benefits from Kubeless and relies on NATS for message routing. We've released it as open source project Kyma (kyma-project.io) We'll go deep into the technology stack, looking at each of the components and exploring what factors lead to the choice of technology and what alternatives we've left out of the equation. We’ll also look into how that fits into the broader Cloud-native ecosystem and what potential synergies we see with other CNCF projects.


Proud husband and father, software architect by heart. After finishing his Master degree at Sofia University, Krasimir always wanted to be a game developer and thought that business software is boring and will serve as a temporary gig to fill the time around studies. 18 years later he played key roles in a number of infrastructure products at SAP, including SAP NetWeaver, SAP JVM, SAP Cloud Platform and open source project Kyma. Convinced that Kubernetes is not the end-game in the cloud native space, he’s passionately going after people, busting the myth that cloud software necessarily equals standard software.