Getting into the MicroProfile implementations (13:00 - 14:55 on Tuesday)

Rudy De BusscherRudy De #BadAssFish

In this hands-on session, you will learn the basic around all the MicroProfile implementations and how you can use it in your next application. Topics which will be covered are Config, Health, Metrics, Rest Client, Fault Tolerance, Open Tracing and more. You will be lead through a series of demos using these MicroProfile implementations and how each feature addresses one of the challenges in today's development.


I love to create (web) applications with the Java EE platform and MicroProfile implementations. I have spent the last 10 years implementing various projects in a team for customers, helped various Open Source projects (Apache Myfaces, PrimeFaces, DeltaSpike, MicroProfile, ...), and do support for Payara Server customers. I'm also already working 4 years around Web Application Security using OAuth2, OpenId Connect, and JWT.