Interview with Gerrit Grunwald

Gerrit Grunwald a JavaOne rockstar and Java Champion will be a speaker on this years JPrime Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have the pleasure to make a short interview with him.

Hello Gerrit! It is very nice that you are back to our conference! How did you like the very first edition of it?

It was a blast, I remember that I was stoked that the conference made a very professional impression for a first edition. The venue and the organization have been outstanding for a new conference.

You are great enthusiast of desktop Java apps. From your experience, is there a big demand for this nowadays?

Well no, there is not and there has never been a big demand for Java desktop but there is a market which is big enough so that companies as Karakun can live from it.

Does Java FX currently fulfill the requirements for this demand?

Yes, JavaFX absolutely fulfills the demand for todays Java desktop applications. It had a bit of a rough start but over time it got all features it needs to be a great toolkit for desktop apps.

You are also big fan on IoT. How do you combine these two worlds? Is modern Java small enough to run on those tiny devices?

Yep, IoT is great and there is again a market that is not huge but is big enough to be mentioned. In my opinion Java is not really made to run on so called EdgeNodes but it is great to be used on IoT Gateways. The EdgeNodes are usually small devices that are capable of measuring some data and send it to the IoT Gateway which connects to the Internet/Cloud and forwards the measured data to the backend. In addition JavaFX can be used on SingleBoard computers like the Raspberry Pi to visualize data that comes from the EdgeNodes.

Thank you very much!
See you in Sofia after few weeks!