Reactive Mesh

Kalin MaldzhanskiThe Reactive Guy

Overview on some of the reactive frameworks for Java (RxJava 1.x/2.x, Project Reactor, Akka,). Examples, comparison and interoperability. Functional reactive programming is a hype today. RxJava 1.x got popular very fast and started to be used everywhere, sometimes in many ways it wasn't supposed to be. RxJava isn't the only one going the reactive way, there are others. In this talk we will talk about RxJava1.x/2.x Project Reactor, Akka-Streams and Reactive Streams. We will see examples of all, compare performance and functionalities and see how they can talk to each other. For this talk it would be useful to know basic Reactive principles and some experience with at least one 'reactive' library.


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