CI/CD of blockchain smart contracts using Java and eDuke

Frédéric HubinThe Smart Contracts Guy

Blockchain is a hot topic especially the smart contract feature. Smart contracts allow to customize the rules applicable to digital assets deployed on a blockchain. On the Ethereum blockchain, Solidity is the usual programming language used to develop smart contract. With the use of eDuke, a Java framework allowing easy interactions with the Ethereum blockchain, we will show how to continuously deploy and test smart contracts and "oracle" code using JUnit, Jenkins and Maven.


Frédéric has more than 20 years of experience in programming. He started programming in Java in 1996 while still in College. In 1998, he joined the Swiss Java Center in Zuerich and has been working for Sun Microsystems for a couple of years. Since then, Frédéric has been working for major banks in Europe and currently holds a position as a Senior Java Architect at the financial markets department of ING in Brussels. Frédéric is a blockchain enthusiast and is also working on the concrete application of the blockchain technologies to derivative instruments.