High Performance Managed Languages

Martin ThompsonThe Performance guy

Common wisdom dictates that native languages are the only means of building high-performance applications. How do managed runtimes such as those available to .NET, Java, and even JavaScript, yes even JavaScript compare? Many applications requiring high-performance are now developed for managed runtimes - such as financial trading, data stores and analytics, messaging processing, and even supercomputing. Over the last few decades we have seen significant advances in managed runtimes, particularly for JIT compilers and garbage collectors. In this talk we will explore how our managed runtimes can equal, and even better in some cases, the performance of native languages.


Martin is a Java Champion with over 2 decades of experience building complex and high-performance computing systems. He is most recently known for his work on Aeron and SBE. Previously at LMAX he was the co-founder and CTO when he created the Disruptor. Prior to LMAX Martin worked for Betfair, three different content companies wrestling with the world largest product catalogues, and was a lead on some of the most significant C++ and Java systems of the 1990s in the automotive and finance domains. Believing in Mechanical Sympathy he started the hugely popular blog and discussion group of the same name. Mechanical Sympathy is about having sufficient understanding of the underlying stack and hardware to achieve great performance from our software. While typically called in to help clients with performance problems, Martin is often "trapped" by clients who want his help with the whole software development lifecycle once they sample his delivery approach. Martin can often be found speaking on the international technology conference scene where he gives talks that range from how to build technical teams through to detailed aspects of software design for specific hardware.