Fibers – blocking is cheap in a Parallel Universe

Stefan MinevThe Fibers Guy

Fibers are lightweight threads implemented for the JVM by the Quasar open source library. One application can spawn millions of fibers in a single JVM. Blocking a fiber is cheap because it doesn’t mean blocking the OS thread. So, by using fibers the common synchronous programming can benefit from the performance boost of the asynchronous programming but without the additional complexity of the callback-based approach. This talk will cover the general idea behind the fibers and what is offered by the Quasar and the Comsat libraries to create fiber-powered RESTful web based applications. The live demo will show the basic usage of fibers in a Spring Boot application.


Stefan is a Senior Software Engineer at Paysafe. He is primarily working on Java backend applications in one of the payments related teams in the company. He likes to experiment with different programming languages and technologies and is a strong believer that the “Clean Code” is the best way to build quality software.