Enterprise JavaScript... What the Heck?!

Enterprise JavaScript is a set of API modules that aims at standardizing the usage of HTTP client and server, database access, file operations, WebSockets, messaging, SOAP and even threads and streams manipulations for the JavaScript language. In this talk we will discuss the new API paradigm in Eclipse Dirigible and will show examples highlighting the features and usage of each of the modules. Some comparisons and analogies with the world of Enterprise Java will be drawn as well.



Vladimir PavlovThe Java EE Guy

Technical Product Manager/Architect with the SAP Cloud Platform team. 17+ years of experience with enterprise architectures, distributed systems, middleware, messaging, persistence technologies, etc. Current activities in the area of Java EE, Application Programming Models, Cloud, Dev Tools/Experience. Member of the Java EE 6 Expert Group. Regular speaker at international and regional conferences, like JavaOne, EclipseCon, SAP TechEd, Eclipse DemoCamps, Java2Days, CEE-SECR, ISTACon, etc. Mentor and coach at several developer hackathons, like HackZurich, GITEX AppHack, SAP InnoJam, Logistics of the Future, ESA Space App Camp, etc.

Nedelcho DelchevThe Dirigible Guy

Nedelcho Delchev is Development Architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria in Development Experience & Research for SAP Cloud Platform. He has 14+ years of experience in various programming languages, technologies and architectural styles. Based on the lessons learnt from the past Java EE and SOA times, along with a group of a few colleagues he started SAP's internal innovation project targeting a new approach for Cloud Development. The project name is Dirigible. It focuses on the simplest yet common use-cases and provides full-fledged capabilities for developing, running and operating cloud applications - http://www.dirigible.io