The Art of Clean Code

Victor RenteaThe Clean Code Guy

Whatever paradigm, language, technology stack or devops strategy is used, we will always write code. And that code will need to be understood, maintained and evolved by various developers for many years, hopefully. It will be read 10x more time than it took to write it! Then, tell me, how do you write your code ? Stop rushing, and start writing professional code. You'll need to learn to introspect your design, to make it express your thoughts in code. It may take years of practice to reach that point, but the path starts with some basic guidelines and 'code smells' that you ought to know, along with a core toolset of refactoring techniques. As simple as some of these might seem, they will become the starting point of a lot of discussions about core principles of good software design, such as DRY, SRP, DIP, and KISS. Come and enjoy an entertaining, tangible presentation of key concepts in Clean Code, that will allow you to easily coach others, back at work. Looking forward to share my passion with you: writing expressive code that is a pleasure to work with. PS: In the end, let's talk a bit about writing clean code using Java8 lambdas/Streams, shall we? :)


Java Craftsman. Sr. Engineer & Technical Lead at IBM Romania. Independent Trainer & Coach. I worked hard on backend systems over the last 10 years, solving technical challenges of a broad range of enterprise Java applications as a developer, lead and consultant. 4 years ago, after I had devoured Uncle Bob’s Clean Code book, I joined the ‘coding craftsmanship’ move. Of course, soon after I started preaching about it as an independent trainer/coach. This Clean Code, TDD, Pair Programming stuff it’s just too fun too keep it for oneself. For hundreds of days I’ve spread the word to more than 1000 trainees in all kinds of settings (even faculty lectures), usually bundled together with other training modules that I’ve gradually developed, such as Spring, JavaEE, JPA, Design Patterns, and the like. You can find the entire curricula on my website. My extensive experience as a trainer allowed me to refine a very entertaining presentation style, spiced with jokes, non-IT-world analogies, and examples that is able to make any developer profile understand even the most advanced design discussions. Recently however, I realized how much I enjoy meeting smarter people, so I’ve started talking at international conferences such as Devoxx MA and VoxxedDays Bucharest and Belgrade, and I am so enthusiast about meeting you guys, too !