A Pragmatist’s Guide to Functional Geekery

Michal PlachtaThe AKKA guy

Basic functional concepts like immutable data, second-order functions, lambdas and function composition can already be found in the modern programmer’s toolkit. During this talk you will learn about more advanced functional concepts and how they can solve real problems. I will talk about pattern matching, algebraic data types, type classes, functional abstractions, folding and type-level programming. I will show you a practical example written using today’s Java functional constructs and build up from there. I will use only JVM-based languages to show you how they can improve the code, make it more maintainable and testable.


Polyglot software engineer specialized in developing distributed applications. During last 15 years of professional experience he has built applications in Perl, PHP, C++, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Java and now Scala. Currently he works as team leader at Ocado Technology, where he builds actor-based software for automated warehouse.