jPrime 2016 slides

Here you can download the slides of the jPrime 2016 sessions

Time to Code: the Art is Distraction Free Programming, Kees Jan Koster
Kotlin - Ready for production, Hadi Hariri
Using Docker to deliver Java Enterprise Applications, one year later..., Petyo Dimitrov
JSR377: What's up and what's next, Andres Almirai
SnoopEE - The Lean and Simple Discovery Service for Java EE, Ivar Grimstad
What's not new in modular Java?, Milen Dyankov
Databases - the choice is yours, Philipp Krenn
Home Automation Reloaded, Kai Kreuzer
DIY Java & Kubernetes, Panche Chavkovski
Going Reactive with RxJava, Hrvoje Crnjak
Migrating 25K lines of Ant scripting to Gradle, Hanno Embregts
DI-Frameworks - the hidden pearls, Sven Ruppert
Reactive Java Robotics and IoT, Trayan Iliev

JDK 8: Lessons Learnt With Lambdas and Streams, Simon Ritter
Apache Brooklyn - run your application in the cloud, any cloud!, Svetoslav Neykov
Go for Java Developers, Stoyan Rachev
RxJava in Microservices World, Piotr Kafel
Sane Sharding with Akka Cluster, Michal Plachta
An incremental approach to Formal Methods in enterprise Java applications, Teodor Parvanov