Gluing the IoT world with Java and LoRaWAN

Panche ChavkovskiThe IoT Guy

One of the reasons for the rapid ascension of IoT is the advancement in the communication protocols. In this field, LoRaWAN opened up a broad new spectrum of possibilities, allowing low powered devices to communicate at great distances. The entire infrastructure is non-invasive, runs on open frequencies and is completely end-to-end secure. TheThingsNetwork provides a complete LoRaWAN infrastructure which handles the entire communication, routing, security and data delivery at the end. One of its core principles is is being open, free to use and community driven, meaning that everyone can extend it and everyone can use it. This talk will explain how you can utilize TheThingsNetwork LoRaWAN infrastructure and use well known frameworks like Spring Boot and Eclipse Paho in order to create robust, scalable and secure IoT solutions of your own.


Panche is a senior software engineer at Netcetera and the current JUGMK leader. He is a developer on daily basis in Java, JavaScript, C# and C, part of the team behind the algorithm coding competition, strong hardware, electronics and IoT enthusiast. Every now and then, Panche blogs at