A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…, it became relatively straightforward to design and implement our application's data persistence solution. Nowadays we live in a world where modern cloud-native and distributed solutions adoption increases yearly critical for us to know how the impacts of such changes on our data integration layer - after all, it is often tagged as a performance bottleneck. Not only a bottleneck, but a small mistake in this layer might also impact the whole architecture and it is really expensive to change it later. In this talk, we'll cover, in a Java context, topics such as transactionality concerns, impacts of poorly designed persistence layers, patterns and best practices, polyglot architectures and the adoption of different paradigms such as NoSQL, the framework's hidden traps you may fall into in exchange for development speed, the evolution of the JakartaEE platform in the face of new development needs, how to handle data throughout application modernization processes and much more. Don't miss out on this architecture-driven journey that will enable you to design and deliver modern distributed Java solutions that rely on a powerful, long-lasting, reliable persistence layer.

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Empowering developers worldwide to deliver better software faster, scalable in the Cloud. Otavio is a passionate software engineer focused on Cloud and Java technology. He has experience mainly in persistence polyglot and high-performance applications in finances, social media, and e-commerce. Otavio is a member of both Expert Groups and Expert Leader in several JSRs and JCP executive committee. He is working on several Apache and Eclipse Foundation projects such as Apache Tamaya, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, where he is leading the first specification at Jakarta EE with Jakarta NoSQL. A JUG leader and global speaker at JavaOne and Devoxx conferences. Otavio has received recognition for his OSS contributions such as the JCP Outstanding Award, Member of the year and innovative JSR, Duke’s Choice Award, and Java Champion Award, to name a few.