Enabling Single-Sign-On for (legacy) applications - a practical approach (17:30 - 18:20 on Wednesday)

Diman KaragiozovSSO is Human

Setting the security foundations of an application is one of the first tasks a professional does. That’s why satisfying new clients’ security requirements is never easy and welcomed task. Fortunately, single-sign-on comes to rescue! In this session, we will see how SSO offloads the identity related changed to the clients and what is the practical approach to integrate SSO clients in your existing applications. We will also cover how to adapt your custom identity management system to standard-based identity provider service.


Diman is a Senior software engineer at Leanplum with over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing distributed java-based applications. Diman works on the backend ecosystem of Leanplum which is analyzing over 20 billion events on a daily basis. Before Leanplum, Diman has worked as a software architect, technical and project lead in Tetracom.