Writing functional Scala (13:00 - 14:55 on Wednesday)

Vassil DichevThe Scala guy

Have you wanted to learn some Scala? Are you curious what the fuss is about functional programming? If people are talking about it, there must be some benefit to it. Indeed, there is. Learn how we can write code which has fewer bugs, is more maintainable, is thread-safe and easily scalable. Utilize recursion, higher-order functions and errors as first-class values and you'll be a better programmer for it.


Vassil Dichev has been working as a developer, consultant, development support and trainer for 16 years. He has worked with J2EE and later on with Spring, Hibernate and XSLT. Vassil has also experimented with Aspect-Oriented Programming and dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. During his ongoing search for a more expressive language he found Scala about 8 years ago and found out that it’s also pretty pragmatic. Vassil has been working with Scala professionally for the last 4 years. Before that he was a committer to the Apache ESME project, a Twitter-like server targeted for enterprises and organizations and also a committer to Lift, the Scala-based web framework that ESME is written in.