Migrating to JUnit 5 (10:00 - 11:55 on Wednesday)

Kostadin GolevThe JUnit Guy

JUnit 5 was released more than an year ago. More than enough time for JVM ecosystem to adapt and support it. Maven or Gradle, Eclipse or Intellij, Spring or Mockito – your tools of choice now support JUnit 5. Have you migrated yet? How do you do it? What are some common pitfalls? Do you need to migrate at all? Is it hard? Do I need to rewrite all my JUnit 3 and 4 tests? Are there cool new features? Is there something not yet supported? And the most important question of all: Will I be able to migrate my own project after this event? (You should!) Bring a laptop with Git, Maven, Java 8 and your favourite IDE installed and lets find out the answers to all of the above, together!


Kostadin is experienced Java Developer and team leader with strong interest in test automation. Always on a quest of continuous improvement, Kostadin believes small efforts over time quickly add up. When not busy with work and family, he likes to write and share his experiences at kgolev.com.