Milen Dyankov

Milen DyankovThe Liferay guy

For better or worse, with Java 9 and Jigsaw project around the corner (this time apparently for real), we finally need to stop pretending we can simply ignore the concept of modularity in Java! The problem is - modularity is NOT just some new framework! Neither it is a simple set of APIs! It's a concept that has been around for almost as long as the industry itself. It's ambiguous, it's hard to get it right and it has been widely misinterpreted and way too many times poorly implemented over the years. So in this talk I'd like to take a step back and reason about the fundamental idea of modularity in Java by asking three simple questions WHY? WHAT? and WHEN? And as it usually is with most simple questions, there are no simple answers and no universal solutions! So join me in this journey through concepts, ideas, frameworks, containers, classloaders, configuration files ... and see what's there for you!


Milen is senior consultant at Liferay helping some of the biggest European companies succeed in today's rapidly changing virtual reality by engaging their customers, partners, and employees. Before joining Liferay in 2012 he spent over 10 years designing and developing Java EE solutions for leading Polish companies (mostly in the finance and telecommunications industry). His main areas of competence include corporate portals, modular systems, e-commerce, enterprise application integration, web applications for mobile devices and many more!